Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Pulled Apart By Horses @ Electric Ballroom, Camden

Last Thursday Pulled Apart By Horses finished their Uk tour at Camdens, Electric Ballroom. I was excited to see this show as I think their new album, Tough Love is fantastic, and was looking forward to hearing this new material live.

They kicked off the set hitting to the stage quite literally punching the crowd in the face to the tune of 'I Punched A Lion In The Throat'. You could tell the lads were up for it, and were already taking over the stage, and getting the crowd moving to every beat throughout the song. I instantly thought the set was going to be amazing.

After the quick calm after the storm, the lads kicked straight into 'Wolf Hand' which is my favourite track from their newest album. However I could not help think the track was not impressing me. I felt the song  sounded a little soft compared to the previous. Looking to the crowd it was clear they were expressing the same opinion, through their noticeably being less movement.

This theme carried out through the rest of the set, every song they played from the first album sounded a lot more hard hitting and punchier against the songs from the new album. Which of course was disappointing to see, as the band are known for their loud metal/punk/hardcore sound.

However to be fair to the lads, the set list was a decent collection of songs, as it was a clear 50/50 split over both albums, which is sometimes rare to see from bands.

I'm not saying the gig was a disappointment, as they played every strong stand out tracks from both albums, and I still loved every minute of the set. I was just not expecting to have my expectations lowered ever so slightly with the new material.

I will of course see the bands again, they are still amazing.

MH x

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