Friday, 3 February 2012

Off to the 'big apple'

One of my 10 resolutions this year was to post a new blog entry every day throughout 2012. From the start of January this was of course lowered to every week day, still keeping a big task. With great surprise I have managed this throughout January, however next week (beginning 5th February) this may be a difficult task.

Myself and my girlfriend are heading off to New York for a few nights, and we cannot wait. We have both been over excited since we booked the holiday back in November 2011.

I am sure you can understand the idea of making sure I blog everyday whilst I am out there would be a mad idea, I want to spend the time relaxing and enjoying myself.

However I will be attempting to find some internet access at some stages, to post a picture on here each day with a few words so you can see what I have been up to. No doubt this photograph will be taken from my Instagram profile (I have fallen in love with this app lately).

You can also follow me on Twitter to get more out of me, as may also try and post a few things on there whilst I'm sightseeing/shopping.

Of course all these small ideas are in the maybe category of importance, were only out there for 4 nights, so I don't particularly want to waste time finding Wifi hotspots.

Also....why is it called the 'big apple'?

MH x


daisychain said...

Have an amazing time Mr!

MatthewHoare said...

Thank you :) - I cannot wait to arrive on Sunday!
Have you ever been?