Friday, 17 February 2012

Lee Evans 'The Life Of Lee'

Last week I finished reading my physical copy of Lee Evans autobiography my brother bought for Christmas, and I think finishing the book in just a month is now my personal best.

I was looking forward to reading the book, to get an insist into his life as I have been a fan of Lees work for over a good 5 years, and I was lucky enough to finally see him live at the O2 on his Roadrunner tour, where I laughed continuously throughout.

However I have to admit I was not fully satisfied with the biography, I could not help feeling the book was missing parts of his life I wanted to read about (how his career grew from the ground up). The bulk of the book documents his childhood, and after 3 or more chapters about him being the school idiot I got the picture.

A majority of his life stories told in the book felt a little make believe, the raw backbones of the story must have been true. However I could not help thinking Lee insisted on adding stuff to make them sound funny with the intent to entertain the reader. From doing this it felt like I was reading a novel opposed to reading a biography.

The biography ends on a high, which is nice, and I felt the last two chapters are the parts of the book I had been waiting for throughout, and was disappointed this was the end. However I am not slating the biography at all, I still love Lee Evans, I always will. I do feel like I have gained an insist into his life, and know him a little better. I simply can't shake the feeling I wanted more from the biography...perhaps he may publish a second one?

MH x

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