Monday, 13 February 2012

I want to go back to New York!

So last week me and my girlfriend went to New York for 4 nights...and it was beyond amazing.

We arrived on Sunday afternoon around 1pm local time after our flight had been delayed for two hours in Heathrow due to the snow. Soon as the plane landed we headed to your hotel, dropped off our bags and went straight back out into the city, heading over to Times Square.

Leaving the subway and entering Time Square was an incredible sight, and I instantly feel in love how busy the area was packed with the locals and of course tourists. I could not get enough with how crazy the area was with amount of advertising boards scattered around flashing their lights onto the street below. And of course we bumped into the Naked Cowboy doing his thing.

Throughout the whole trip we visited the tourist sights of the city; Empire State, Statue of Liberty, Rockefeller Center, Central Park, Grand Central Station, Macy's, Ground Zero. To my surprise we didn't partake in some serious shopping, only casual looking around here and there on the way. Which of course I was totally fine with. Before we headed out to New York I searched up some other sights we could visit which aren't typical to tourists, one of these sights was Alice's Tea Cup, where we had a nice pot of tea and cake.

Alice's Tea Cup

My highlight on the trip would have to be the time we spent in Central Park, where we took a horse and carriage right around a small section of the park (due to the ridiculous price). Then finished off with ice skating, it was such a nice few hours spent in that location. Plus the weather was perfect, nice and sunny.

Coming back to London I of course want to back to the city already, I am tempted to look into going every year. Maybe explore different sections every time I go, but of course there is always the issue of money.

Have you ever been to New York?

MH x


daisychain said...

Major envy right now!

Lauren said...

i miss it so much, let's go again! xx

MatthewHoare said...

I can only apologise, I think everyone has go there at least one in their lifetime!

MatthewHoare said...

Don't you worry, we will :) xx