Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Erik Johansson

Yesterday at work a colleague of mine informed of the site, From searching the site into Google, I was instantly impressed with what the site had to offer. I went straight to the technology (I love my tech) section, and found this lecture, by Erik Johansson. The lecture is only six minutes, he talks briefly about what makes his photo retouching look so real. It's an interesting insight to his amazing work, some of his examples I recognised from elsewhere on the web.

I was blown away with his image retouching ability, and producing such realist looking photographs, full of surrealism (and I am a great lover of surrealism).

Watching the lecture brought me back to my college years, where I discovered Photoshop, and went ahead and taught myself from the ground up. Through reading over tutorials in magazines, and of course searching through YouTube.

I only wish today I would have more time to keep practicing on Photoshop, and maybe turn it into a little hobby making interesting photos. Of course the work would be nowhere near as impressive as Erik Johanssons creations, but I would still have fun in the process.

Make sure you check out his portfolio, his work really is incredible.

Erik Johansson Portfolio

MH x

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