Monday, 16 January 2012

The Weekend [14/15 Jan]


I was asked to be on camera for a short film with a few of the guys from work. I was more than happy to fill this role, purely because I was going to be using the Canon 5D MK2. I have always wanted to use this certain camera since I started making my music videos back in 2010.

The camera was amazing to use, the quality of picture was just spot on. Even when used in low light the camera was outstanding. This was helped further with the high quality choice of lenses I had on offer, thanks to the equipment from work.

The shoot was for a short film to promote our talented crew, and to enter into film festivals in the coming months. The producer had acquired two actors from the site,, this was the first time I have worked with genuine wannabe actors, and I was more impressed. One of the actors had a small monologue for the films climax. The actor delivered his monologue with real emotion every time we asked him to do so. I was blown away each and every time we asked him to deliver hese lines, I am looking forward to this final edit, because it should turn out to be quite a powerful piece of work.

Also I am looking forward to seeing my camera work edited together by someone else, and not me. In the past I have always edited my camera work, so this should give it a different angle and hopefully give me ideas on where I could improve my camera work.


I wont go into too much detail for Sunday, it was not productive. It was a general day of relaxation and sorting out things here and there.

MH x

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