Monday, 9 January 2012

The Weekend [7/8 Jan]

For the moment I have decided to not post new blog entries at the weekends. For obvious reasons, I would like to keep my weekends free to take advantage of them with productivity and of course more important relaxing time. The weekend just gone consisted of both this;


This was my day to chill and complete personal errands, which was to pay all bills that were due. That gave a nasty punch into my bank account. I also attended the gym which I have been a member of since my 23rd birthday. It was a terrible work out, but at least I went. However, I have had thoughts of leaving, simply because I may not be able to afford it soon. Plus I don't like how I have to keep making time for the gym, I like to have long evenings to relax after work. I have a bike which I ride every day, therefore I may choose to have long bike rides at weekends to wake myself up and give me a boost of energy.


Like Saturday this started off as a relaxed day, but in the evening productivity was strong. I met up with Kid Champion, where we chatted over the music video. Which was a successful meeting as we now officially have a final edit. The next stage is just to look into getting a colour grader and some censoring to complete it. If you are a colour grader or know anyone who would be willing to work with us on this zero budget video, then please get in contact;

To complete my Sunday I cooked up a beef wellington for the first time for me and girlfriend. It was a decent attempt I thought, we both had cleaned plates at the end so that is a good sign.

MH x

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