Monday, 30 January 2012

The Weekend [28/29 Jan]

My weekend was relaxed on both days, Saturday evening began very successfully with the selling of my guitar on eBay. After all the dumb messages from the bidders, I was very pleased with the winning bid, as it turned out to be far more than I anticipated. This means I can fully pay off my credit card (as I had originally planned) and purchase a new bike. As you may remember my bike was stolen a few weeks back, and unfortunately the Police were unable to help. With the small debt cleared and bike purchase, I will still have some money over. So again, very happy with the winning bid.

The Saturday evening was completed with me and my girlfriend consuming a tub of Ben & Jerrys Cookie Dough ice cream whilst watching the film, 'I'm Not There' - This weeks film choice was hers, so expect the review from her later this week.

Sunday started off with massive excitement from me and my girlfriend, as it is now only 7 days until we head off to New York for a few nights. We can't wait for this, as we booked this back in November 2011.

I'm still looking into ideas we can do whilst out there, please help if you have any suggestions.

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