Monday, 23 January 2012

The Weekend [21/22 Jan]

Saturday I made the short journey into London to see the 'Yul Brynner: A Photographic Journey' exhibition at The Little Black Gallery. However for some reason was not able to find the damn place, even though I was using Google Maps on my iPhone. I was standing right over the spot where Google Maps was telling me the gallery was, however the gallery was not in my point of view.

At least 15 minutes went by consisting of me walking around in circles trying to find it, eventually stopping my frustration and leaving the area. To brush off my frustration I treated myself to a Boddeans for lunch. If you have never tried Boddeans before, I strongly suggest you do so the next time your in central London and craving some meat for lunch / dinner. Of course if your a vegetarian...stay clear. Next few weeks I'm hoping to try out Meat Liqour which I believe has recently opened up just a few streets away from Boddeans.

The evening was completed through putting my Gibson SG on eBay, as I realised I never use the guitar anymore. And I am need of the quick cash, it could come in handy as spending money for when I head off to New York with my girlfriend in just under 2 weeks time. Following this I found myself watching far too much trash TV for a Saturday evening.

The same followed on Sunday, along with watching the final episodes of Diggnation which I have been a fan for a good year or so, and will definitely miss the show. I need to find a new way to find out my tech news, any suggestions?

And if you know where The Little Black Gallery is please do tell me, I want to go this exhibition before It finishes.

MH x

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