Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Week 1 film I haven't seen [El Topo, 1970]

Here is my first weeks entry in my New Years Resolution to watch a film me and girlfriend both haven't seen once every week.
I already had El Topo in my DVD collection as I purchased it for a university module. However, never got round to watching it.

El Topo is known to be a 1970 cult classic from Alejandro Jodorowsky. The film tells the story of lead character, El Topo. Who decides on confronting various Masters across mass deserts, accompanied by his 6 year old son. Who is shown naked throughout this boys entire screen time, I undoubtedly found difficult to watch. Early into the film El Topo ditches his 6 year old son for a woman called,  Mara. Taking her for the rest of his journey to confront and fight these Masters in the desert.

To be brutally honest I was not impressed with the whole film, I understood how the film was a cult classic. Due to the film looking, cheap, unpleasant, strange and many more ways to dislike the film, which ticks all the boxes in the cult classic category.

I do enjoy watching and discovering cult films, however this one failed to capture men. In a quick review I felt the films running time of 120 minutes was far too long. Due to their being around 45 minutes of dialogue spread across the film. Therefore making lengthy scenes (that I tend to enjoy in other films) looking less interesting, and more boring to watch. This may be due to the cheap and strange look to the film. Making me struggle to engage and enjoy the film throughout. I found the lengthy scenes looked like the script and storyline was made up on the spot, due to their to be no sense of journey. With the added unnecessary cuts of other action adding confusing.

I can see how this is a cult film, as these type of films tend to look bad. Making the audience work hard at trying to see the beauty out of it. Which I often find what is great about cult films, however I couldn't quite do this with El Topo.

If you have seen the film, please let me know what you thought of it. As I want to see why people would love it. If you haven't seen it, then do watch it. We should all watch a cult film, simply due to curiosity.

I'm hoping my girlfriends choice for next week is better than my choice of this week.

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