Thursday, 19 January 2012


On Tuesday around 12 o clock I had to leave the office, and set up an account at a storage unit centre in St Johns Wood.

Making the short journey and arriving back out into the open from the underground I find straight infront of me a coffee shop simply called, 'The Beatles' full of their official merchandise, I think to myself that its pretty odd and carry on regardless. Whilst getting closer to the center and constantly looking at Google Maps on my iPhone I notice Abbey Road is approaching. Instantly I clocked what should be near by.

I stop for a moment and Google search the location for where the famous front cover was taken, whilst doing so I walk up to a crowd of people taking photos of a zebra crossing. Instantly a slight smile spreads across my face from the realisation of what is infront of me.

The zebra crossing gets another photo taken from my iPhone, then I move onto the store center. Walking back from setting up the account I of course walk back across the crossing with again a smile of my face.

The very small experience for me was a quick bit of fun, and I thought to myself one day I should spend one day during a weekend travelling around London visiting famous locations. It would be an enjoyable and different day out.

I need to make a list though first, any suggestions?

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