Friday, 6 January 2012

Stupid Customers

Throughout my three years at university I found myself being interested in social media and the industry on the internet. I was fascinated with people who had careers thanks to the internet.

I would always think to myself that one day I will too work down this path and own a website which is regularly updated and perhaps gave me an extra bit of income, this of course was a blog of some sort.

I started up this one your reading right now, with the intention of regularly updating it about my life. And if you looked back at previous posts I managed this quite well in the first and second year, however declining last year. Thats why I am determined to work it back up to scratch this year (and so far this has been successful). But anyway I digress.

Whilst I was working in retail throughout my final year at uni I had a lot of free time where my mind would often wonder whilst on the shop floor. This resulted in the thoughts to have my own real blog of some sort creeped back into my mind. Until one day I realised I should create a blog based on my experiences in retail, and this is when Stupid Customers was created and went live.

The blog is a simple one, It will only contain stories about funny customer situations where ever the work place may be. The blog started mainly with my own entries but gradually more people have been submitting their own. The blog is still in early stages with a very small audience, but with it being one of my new years resolutions I am hoping to improve this throughout the year. With more regular submissions and a larger audience.

At the moment I post a new story every Monday, Wednesday and Friday leaving me the weekend free, which of course is always needed.

I hope you are interested in this blog, and if you are then you can find it here; 

And to keep up with the blog you can follow the profiles I have created; 

If you have your own submissions then please do send them in. Like I said the blog is in early days so I am always asking for content. Send your stories here;

Sorry if this sounds like me selling my own stuff, but I enjoy this blog a lot. So I want to keep it going.

MH x

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