Tuesday, 17 January 2012

A late Christmas dinner

Last night I attended my late Christmas dinner party with my former colleagues from when I worked at Superdry in Kingston.

The evening started at the shop with some hilarious secret Santa gifts getting exchanged amongst everyone. Luckily my present was a really nice one from my manager. And of course to some people's disbelief were left without a gift (I guess that's the beauty of secret Santa)
It was quite odd experience being back at the shop, I was expecting a lot of changes as I left the job just over a month ago. However it felt like I left the job only yesterday. There were a few new products here and there, but the shop as  whole looked entirely the same.

Before arriving I had the impression it could be awkward to walk back into the store and chat amongst my former colleagues, but again that was totally fine. It was like I had never left.

After the shenanigans of Secret Santa at the store were over and dusted. We headed to Pizza Express, as Superdry offered everyone vouchers to eat there including myself, as I left the company just after the vouchers were handed out to each store. (I have excellent timing)

At Pizza Express the fun continued with a good helping with the flow of drinks. And again it felt like I had never left. Which reminded me how great of friendships I had made whilst working at the store for just over a year and a half.

I don't think I'll ever loose contact with them, It would be a waste to loose these friendships. But of course it will always be easy to keep in touch with the help of Facebook and Twitter.

MH x

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