Friday, 27 January 2012

eBay members are dumb!

I have been buying and selling things on eBay for around 5 years now, and I have only been encountered with one issue in the past when a purchased item disappeared (but thats another story).

On Saturday I listed my Gibson SG Special on eBay for auction, due to me never using the guitar anymore. It has been sat in the corner of my room collecting dust. Since listing this item I have been bombarded with ridiculous questions from eBay members who amongst the bidding. Clearly my in-depth description for this item was not good enough for some eBay members. 

I am sure a majority of people would think the same as me, in not wanting pay for postage in the UK or even worse oversea. Therefore I decide to make the item collection only. 

However, some eBayers are insisting on asking whether I would consider posting the item to them, I feel like responding with a simple 'read the description!'
Then going further I have been asked if I would consider posting it to Europe.... clearly if I have stated 'Collection In Person' I don't want to be posting overseas. 

Now to go even further, don't get me started on people sending messages with appalling attempt at grammar, I know is not always good. However some of these massages have taken me at least 5 attempt of reading through to understand the question. 

I am probably just moaning for no reason, and just being horrible. But whenever I log into eBay and attempt to purchase or place a bid on an item, I do read the description, and take note on the eBayers reputation from past sales. 

Its just common sense. 

What encounters have you made on eBay?


Anonymous said...

When I sold my Mac on ebay. The winning bidder backed out because he didn't have any money so I offered it second chance the the bidder who came second. He then offered me £50 less than he stated and said he would come pick it up and save me some money. But he wasn't saving me money becuase I quoted the amount for the p&p. Then he gave me some excuse of it would cost him in petrol. So I relisted the item and gave it to a new guy who paid slightly less but I wasn't willing to deal with this douche. - zoomswhizzkid

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MatthewHoare said...

Oh what an absolute douche, why would you bid on something if you have no money.

I don't understand peoples thinking sometimes, its very strange!

MatthewHoare said...

Thanks very much, I will certainly check out your blog. It sounds like an idea blog for me to be following!