Friday, 13 January 2012


So last night, I had one of those dreams which you know are odd whilst in your dream state. Then when you wake up, your laying there thinking 'wtf mate!'

In a nutshell my dream simply consisted of a family event at someones house, where one of my aunties turned up with a new man she was dating.

Little did we all know, this new man of hers was going to Mr John Major  - However for some strange reason everyone in my family amongst ourselves were insisting on calling him John Prescott. Which of course look nothing alike.
On top of all this strange goings on, John Major had a fake arm, which of course when i went to shake hands I shock his fake hand....and that was it for my dream.

Dreams like these really baffle me, I have no idea where these ideas came from. I have a tendency to have these odd dreams when I'm drunk, however I was stone cold sober.

I have not yet looked up what this dream could mean, but I would love to find out.

Have you had some strange dreams lately?

MH x

With regards to the bike situation, I had phone call from the Police yesterday explaining they had a man in custody who had stolen some bikes around Kingston. However, none of them matched my bike description. I went ahead and asked about the CCTV footage, the woman on the phone was a little vague with this. But I think the outcome was that nothing was spotted, therefore I think my bike is gone. Which really sucks.

But I still do not want to give up, I will still attempt to find out if people can help find it. The internet can be a powerful tool!

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lauren said...

in my dream last night....we somehow got trapped in my friend millie's garden by an escaped monk. and then he was NOT nice at all! he had another evil monk friend (who also escaped) and then they basically tried to make us eat a bear. i cried and tried to escape but they managed to grab my ankles, drag me back and hit me over the head to shut me up. then i woke up. WEIRD..! x