Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Blowing my own trumpet

I have been working at the th1ng offices for just over a month now, and last Friday the opportunity had been given to me to work on a pitch with the founder of the company, Dominic Buttirmore. Straight away I stepped up to the offer, as I have been aching to help on pre production work since starting, and I thought this would give me a chance to show off what I can do.

The pitch was half way through completion when I was set to take it over, therefore included a few errors, which resulted in him flipping his lid from the get go. I shrugged off this early encounter and carried on through regardless, I understand and aware he could react like this. After all its his company, and his pitch for an important campaign. Therefore its got to be perfect.

He would return back and forth throughout, with of course making amends to sections here and there. Once the pitch had been completed, and everyone let out a huge sigh of relief, Dominic was kind enough to pass on some praise to me; 'Your good and quick are this aren't you'
It was only a few words, which he could have said to anyone. However I was still very thankful to hear that after all the stress from making the pitch.

I felt as if I was thrown in the deep end, having my first pitch for the company to be for the CEO. But then I took this on as a positive thing, as I believe it is better to start from the extreme end of the scale. Because I think moving forward, working on other pitches with the other producers will be less of a daunting task. As I have already experienced the stressful process with the up most important person of the company. Perhaps this would boost my confidence, with making suggestions with the producers. To show my interest in this industry, and interest to move up the career ladder.

That Friday evening I went home very happy.

MH x

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