Friday, 25 February 2011

Mikee J Reds - Living Well - Engineer Records

The music video is finally here!

Friday, 11 February 2011

The Making Of: Mikee J Reds "LIVING WELL"

So on Wednesday I showed you the teaser trailer for music video. Well now watch and enjoy the making of :-)

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M x

Thursday, 10 February 2011

Mikee J Reds 'Living Well' [Teaser]

So the edit for this music video is coming on nicely, I just had to put something together to get everyone ready for the final edit.

I'm a little tease....

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M x

Monday, 7 February 2011

Music Videos

A slight gap of dead space between now and my last post on here, so here is a little update of my projects with regards to music videos.

I mentioned in my new years resolutions posts that I was off to Paris for a music video shoot for the acoustic artist Mikee J Reds. This did happen, and the outcome was fantastic. I don't think I could be more happier with the productivity myself and the others had spent over in Paris for the 24hours. On the shoot we were using my new purchase of a Canon 7D. Which is a glorious piece of equipment, and accompanied with the beautiful lens I hired from made the footage on location look superb already. The return journey from Paris was spent looking over the rushes, and already I was overly impressed with our work.

So far I don't have a final edit to show you guys as a little teaser, however I do believe the final outcome is going to be fantastic, and will set the bar for our next shoot.

Quickly I would like to thank Bennycrime for hosting me in his office on the first day of editing this video. I do plan on returning over the next few weeks to receive some second professional opinion from him (his work is also excellent, check him out!)

Once this video is over, we are not stopping there. The next band we will be producing a music video for is the The Separation. We already have some nice ideas floating in the air of creativity, which will be set to film at the end of February.

But wait there's more!

After we shoot this video, it will be on to our next video with the guys Call Of The Search during mid March. Again we are looking forward to this shoot.

So the next few months for me are going to be extremely busy. I can't wait to get these videos finished and show you guys. And just for the record all these bands are under the label Engineer Records

For now you can keep up to date with the proceedings for these shoots through our Iconic Creations Facebook or Twitter page.

No wait, here is a little teaser for you!

Ta ta for now, M x