Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Another year down.

So again, I have neglected my blog for the last 6 months this year. This would be down to a number of reasons I'll try and explain later in this post.

For now, lets recap on my New Years Resolutions for 2011. This is all 10 that I produced on January 3rd 2011, The ones in green I managed to complete, and the ones in orange I half completed.

1. Graduate from university with a respectable grade
2. Break into my ideal career path, where I can generally see a future ahead
3. Move into a house/flat closer into London
4. Use my camera more often to take photographs for my neglected Flickr page
5. Drink the suggested pints of water a day, whatever that may be...
6. Try to get back into the routine of flossing my teeth
7. Aim to produce 5 music videos by the end of the year (already have 2 in the making...)
8. Eat more fruit and veg
9. Use this personal blog more often!
10. Get partnered on Youtube ;) - My Channel

I would call that 6/10, which I would say is a nice achievement.

Graduating from university was a fantastic achievement, and the ceremony was such a wake up call for me, for the future ahead. Straight after I went into full time employment in retail to only pay the bills in order for me to still live in London (Kingston). Whilst of course apply for jobs left right and center in the media.
For a while I thought this was not going to happen until next year. However luckily enough 2 weeks ago I started full time work at th1ng as a office runner. I still can't believe how lucky I am to get out of retail and practically get my life on track. 2012 is going to be very eventful for working.

My other achievements would second to my new employment, but of course still happy to have achieved them, for instance 5 music videos. We didn't quite make this mark, but 4 was a good enough for me. We could have released 5 this year, only the 5th music video is not 100% complete...so coming soon!

The rest of the unachieved goals are to be taken forward into my 2012 resolutions, however my Youtube page will have to be left aside until whenever, due to time constraints. But for certain I am going to force myself to use this blog more in 2012, now that I have the job I have been looking for and still making music videos. I can focus on other things in my schedule, like this blog, because I wont be worrying about applying for jobs.

Also I can concentrate on my second blog, Stupid Customers - More on this in the new year.

Well that is all for now, the next post will be my resolutions for 2012.

MH x