Sunday, 5 June 2011

Why Superdrys 20% weekend was a let down in my eyes...

It is close to a year since I started working for clothing brand, Superdry and I have just recently started working full time after completed university.

Since the company started they have never offered their customers discount or sales, even during the January sales period. I have always thought this idea is great. As it keeps the customers loyal to the store and the brand, no matter what the price. We still received good numbers of sales through January, defeating what some people may think Superdy would loose out on customers.

However, this weekend the company offered everyone who is signed up to the mailing list to receive 20% through simply showing this voucher/coupon at the till when purchasing their items. They simply had to print off the email that was sent to them on Friday 3rd June at 12pm.

Myself included and the rest of the staff who worked on Friday were expecting a huge rush of customers clutching the printed voucher in handed from 12 onwards, however this was not the case. I hear this carried on throughout Saturday, then onto today which I worked. Where I was on the till for about 3 hours in the morning and processed only 3 discount vouchers.

I just find it strange how this could have happened. We always break our targets, and the amount of people we had sign up to the mailing list, well I couldn't even begin to give you an estimate to how many. Furthermore you only have to walk the streets surrounding the store to see the Superdry bags everywhere, and not to mention the public wearing the brand head to toe.

Giving it some thought, I believe the promotion of the event and the days leading up to the event could have been more forward. For instance the Facebook and Twitter page of course promoted the offer. Then the important email at 12pm Friday, but I think that was it. The rest of the promotion was down to word of mouth. I see what they were trying to achieve with this, keeping their customers loyal as they would have to work to find out when the sale started and ended.

But maybe putting a simple poster up in the store would have helped attract the customers and raise the already high profit margins of the weeks takings.

I guess that is just my opinion in the whole situation, I imagine It was in large still a success and the company will probably do it again. As I hear it was a tester to see how the customers would take it.

I just think may next time more promotion would have helped the great offer given to their customers.

M x

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Chris Tucker said...

hahahaha matthew you prat
why wasnt this raised during our end of day meeting????