Friday, 24 June 2011

First Great Western train service is far from great.

Friday 24th June was my mums birthday, which meant I was to make the two and a half hour journey back to hometown of Fareham. Every time I embark this journey I use South West Trains. Unfortunately this time round I was to use First ‘Great’ Western, which succeeded in increasing my journey time to around 3 hours plus.

My original plan was to arrive in Fareham by 19:45 however from the get go this was scrapped as delays were to make me arrive in Reading and miss my connecting train by 3 minutes, which of course gave me a large knock on effect to follow connections.

The delayed train to Reading eventually arrives and I climb aboard with already low hopes. This low expectations were then made greater with a strong aroma of the trains public toilet throughout the unfortunate packed out carriage I decided to sit in.

The train journey continues to spiral down hill when I eventually arrive at Reading. There I board the connecting train to Basingstoke which was not my original connection and had to wait 30 minutes for this train to leave, thanks to the Reading train being delayed. The train is sitting at the end of the line at Reading station to leave at 18:41 - However, for some unknown reason the train decides to eventually depart at 18:55. Which again means I was going to miss my next connecting train at Basingstoke.

I finally arrive at Basingstoke at a time that doesn’t matter from now on, as it seemed the time table just didn’t matter anyone at First Great Western, it seemed to me they enjoyed just making it up as they went a long.

Due to being delayed again at Reading my connecting train from Basingstoke was of course missed and meant I had to wait another 30 minutes for my final train to Fareham.

Throughout this whole journey I could not believe the shear volume of bad organisation First Great Western were giving to their passengers. So much so that one of the train drivers came over the intercom to inform us with; ‘Apologies to the delays there seems to be some problem at Reading...’ - That is clearly not very informative.

At the end of my journey I was of course unhappy with my whole experience spent with First Great Western that I went ahead and sent feedback to their website simply explaining their service is, shit.

I will also use this blog post to inform them further how bad their service is.

Let me know of your own experiences with First Great Western train service.

M x

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Anonymous said...

I used to commute from Oxford to London with FGW. The service was so bad I eventually moved to London. The delays were very annoying but what really got to me was the over crowding. Having to run and push to try and get a seat and usually having to stand after being at work all day. I think there is no competition on many of their routes allowing FGW to implement a substandard service which maximisess FGW's profit.