Monday, 3 January 2011

New Years Resolutions 2011

I know I'm a bit late to be posting this, however I have been giving it some thought this year. So I wanted to make goals I can generally try and stick to.

Most years I never stick to the few I make, therefore this year I went ahead and thought 10. That way I can stick to a few and still be proud of what I achieved at the of the year.

Here is the list in no particular order:

1. Graduate from university with a respectable grade
2. Break into my ideal career path, where I can generally see a future ahead
3. Move into a house/flat closer into London
4. Use my camera more often to take photographs for my neglected Flickr page
5. Drink the suggested pints of water a day, whatever that may be...
6. Try to get back into the routine of flossing my teeth
7. Aim to produce 5 music videos by the end of the year (already have 2 in the making...)
8. Eat more fruit and veg
9. Use this personal blog more often!
10. Get partnered on Youtube ;) - My Channel

I think that list os pretty resemble... lets hope I can stick to at least 6 of them to make me feel like I've made good achievements in 2011.

Hope you all have a great 2011, and your new years resolutions get completed!

M x


Anonymous said...

I reckon you could do with coming out as gay....

MatthewHoare said...

haha, very good...