Sunday, 21 February 2010

NME Awards Tour (review)

Last night I had a great evening at the NME Awards Tour. With the cracking bands The Maccabees, Bombay Bicycle Club, The Big Pink and The Drums.
I bought the tickets for my myself and my brother for christmas (my first nice gesture as a brother) back home before the night I heard my brother was a bit excited for the evening.
Anyway enough about the background for this event, back to the review.

We arrive at Brixton Academy just after 7pm which meant we were missing the opening few tracks of The Drums. Fortunately I wasn't missing the tracks I really knew from their album "Summertime". We get inside and they were finishing off a track kicking onto which I think is their new single "I Felt Stupid".
Then for their second to last song Jonathan Pierce (singer) introduces it by simply saying "this song is about surfing"
Of course at this point the crowd let up in an uproar of exciting as the track "Lets Go Surfing" kicks in. The crowd were going nuts, and the band was loving it.
Jonathan makes the effort and gets closer to the crowd which of course pleases them. The track sounded slightly different from the album, but still sounded good as ever.
Their whole set went really well, their playing was spot on sounding just how it does on the album. I was quite surprised how they did not have a bassist, they just had two guitarist. However without the bassist they were still sounding great!
Although I did have one slight issue, Jonathan's stage presence was a slightly annoying to watch. With his how could I put it... camp hand gestures. But I guess I'm not one to judge.

The Drums leave the stage giving us time to get down my two friends who were unfortunate to get seated tickets.

The Big Pink get on stage and kick off their set with the track "Too Young to Love" this got the crowd at their feet straight away. However I wasn't totally pleased with their set. I thought they're sound was just too loud. The guy on the keys seemed to put across this constant feedback noise throughout each song. Practically making all the songs sound the same.
They of course ended the set with their bit hit "Dominoes"
Which was greatly pleased the crowd, which brought their set to an end with again more feedback deafening my ears. (I sound like such an old man...)

Up next were Bombay Bicycle Club which in my opinion was my highlight to the evening. They opened their set with the track "Emergency Contraception Blues" throughout this short song I knew instantly the set was going to be mind blowing. And boy was I right... each track then on sounded more and more bigger, they're sound filled the venue perfectly, with of course the help of the keys.
As well as this their stage presence was great, you could see they were enjoying their time on the stage. During each hard hitting chorusses of their songs they would go crazy and move around the stage taking advantage of the large area. Which was both enjoyable to watch and listen.
My highlight to the set was my favorite track of theirs "Magnet"
The performance of this track was just spot on, they played the whole track perfectly and Jack Steadman's Vocals were spot on, sounded exactly how he does on the album. A extremely enjoyable set.

The on came the headliners The Maccabees complete with a brass band section. They're set was again like Bombay Bicycle Club Spot on, note for note perfect and vocals again sounding perfect.
With the added brass section gave each song something extra to the live performance. Giving a very enjoyable performance. A few highlights for me were the crowd (including myself) singing back from bottom of their lungs to every chorus irrupting the venue.
In particular the song "Toothpaste Kisses' Resulting in a quite a humorous moment of the crowd whistling to Orlando Weeks during the opening verse (which is included in the album)
As a special treat to end their set the legend Edwyn Collins enters the stage and performs a track with the band. I admit I didn't know who the guy was but, the track was great and I did just about recognise it. After this a lot of people were real pleased with his guest appearance saying "This has made my night" - bless them!

To sum up I had a cracking night, every band were amazing (perhaps forgetting one...) and today I have a slight ring in my ears giving me another sign of a good night! (or a particular bands set)

If you were lucky enough to get a ticket I'm sure you had a great night too!

M x

Thursday, 18 February 2010

Youth In Revolt (review)

Its Orange Wednesdays, what else is there to do on that night? Of course watch a film for half the price.
I saw a trailer for this film a while back and was interested in it simply because I do like the successful career in acting Michael Cera is achieving.

The film has a simple cliche storyline of the boy wanting to meet a girl and loose virginity however there is a second boy in the way of the relationship from a girl boy meets.
However in this film I didn't really take much notice of the cliche storyline. I thought the setting for the film was a great one, out in the country side. There a few scenes of American country side which looked fantastic on the big screen. On top of that I think Michael Cera is improving as an actor. Although it is obvious he is being typed casted. I reckon he should try his hand at different roles, rather than the typical geek without a girlfriend.

There was second a role he did play however which was his alter ego of a French guy (I wont spoil it too much)
I thought he played this role really well, his delivery with some comical one liners was spot on. Making myself laugh quite a bit, as well as the cinema audience. Which I was shocked to find was around 1/4 full considering the film has been out for quite some time.

If you enjoyed the other films Michael has been in like Juno with Ellen Page, then you are sure to enjoy this one.

Rating: 7/10

Another film I am looking forward to is Jim Careys new one, about a con artist. I looks very entertaining (plus I just find Jim Carey hilarious)

M x

Valentines Day (Review)

So the other day was of course that eventful time of year when everyone who is in a relationship suddenly makes huge efforts for each other. And people like myself who are single, get all down through reminding themselves how single they really are. Wishing someone would be their valentine, or at least receive valentines day card.

For my valentines evening I spent it with 4 of my other friends who were also single. We took a trip to our local town for a beer and a burger in a pub, then on to the cinema to see "Valentines Day"

Now before we went in I was already skeptical about watching this film. I knew full well it was going to be bad, due it being a horrible idea to make a profitable film from this commercial idea of Valentines Day, taking advantage of peoples misfortune.
However there was some decent parts which did make me laugh. Taylor Swift suddenly appeared in the film which I didn't know about, she played this airhead blonde with a boyfriend who basically sex maniacs. One particular scene involving the couple did make me laugh a bit. Also the great Julia Roberts (who is looking great for her age!) had a small part in the film, which I thought was great as she was in my opinion the only decent actor in the film. Just a shame her role only consisted of around 10%.

To sum up, the film was just a poke in the face of all the single people out there, showing you how easy it can be to fall in love with someone in apparently one day. "Hey its all real in Los Angeles"
I swear the timing didn't add up as one of the characters flew from LA to San Fransisco spent some time other then getting some revenge, then flew back to LA all in one day. Is that possible?
Although after watching the film I would like to live in LA, the constant sun does look perfect for my liking...

If there peole out there who took their partner to the cinema to see this film must of been real lazy. "Its called Valentines Day so obviously we have to see if on valentines day..."
No I think there could of been far more better things to do on the day than watch this film.

Rating: 4/10

M x

Thursday, 11 February 2010

First photo shoot!

Over the weekend, I went home for my first photoshoot for my cousins band Kizmit I think it went really well, and I learnt some stuff which I put into action the next time I am asked to take photos for a band. I hope more people will ask me as its something I am really interested in.

Heres 1 of the photos I was most proud of;

M x

Tuesday, 2 February 2010

A rethink of regular shenanigans

For the past 3 weeks since I came back to uni from the Christmas break, I have participated in the usual shenanigans of a Monday night out to the local town of Kingston for the student night at Oceana.
To be fair the first night when we came back was great. Everyone was there from my university, so it was a great night to catch up.

Last night we out again to make it a 3rd week in a row. Don't get me wrong the night was a good laugh, I had a lot of fun. However to say the least I've had better mornings, and furthermore I've had a better full day.

The hangover I suffered today has been horrific. I had the usual sick feeling in your stomach which comes and goes until you eventually take a wonder to the toilet to be sick. This moment of sickness was probably the worst I've had from a night out (very violent)

I shall stop with the gory detail...

I now type this blog at the end day after eating a great chinese from down the road which I was surprised I managed to keep down. I am now having second thoughts of this madness of drinking so much and think to myself whether it is all worth it.

Although it is a lot of fun going out with mates and drinking yourselves silly. I think I may cool it down for a few weeks or maybe even a month. The night out really isn't worth suffering the next day trying to get rid of the hangover and practically waste a whole day doing nothing.
I think nights in the pub with a few pints and some mates sounds more of a good night to me now.

I know part of university life is to live a little and graduate as some serious drinkers. But I just don't think I need to this often, plus I will save a good amount of money.
Which is great as one of my downfalls is I constantly worry about money.

(Hopefully one day I shall not have to worry about money have a good career with a good amount of money)

For now I think I should just cool off the drinking a little and see what happens.
Although I'm sure this idea will blow over in a few days and I will be back out in the clubs the following monday.

As some people may say.... FML

M x