Wednesday, 1 December 2010

1st December!

Of course today means it is 25 glorious days before christmas, meaning I have to get my but into gear and start my christmas shopping. However, the more important news is that I have completed one strong month in the #beardoff.

But what is this beard off you may be asking, well I'll tell you...

It is a little competition that has been put together by a Youtuber under the name of ckXcore (
The competition consists of around 15 people participating on growing the best beard for 2 months.

My beard growing has been pretty successful for the first month. I've managed to keep a rather neat beard which has resulted in a few compliments from some people, for instance my hairdresser today.

So the competition has another month to go right up to New Years day on the 1st January. Judging by the size of my beard so far its going to be mammoth and horrible when the two months are up.

I'm just looking forward to my mums reaction when I go home for Christmas holiday in the next few weeks. She's yet to know of this #beardoff. Its going to be a ineresting reaction to say the least.

Watch my latest video where I mentioned this competition.

M x

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