Thursday, 25 November 2010

Meet The Parents, E4

Over the last few weeks I've paid attention to the marketing campaign for the new E4 show 'Meet The Parents'. My expectations from these advertisements have been positive, I had the idea in my mind that this show will be highly amusing to watch on a chilled Thursday night.

The advertisements briefly explain how the show is constructed; there is a set of family members who are actors, and there is a victim who comes into the household unaware of the actors, and a series of comical actions from the actors are played around the victim.

Tonight I have finally find the time to sit down and watch the show. And from the outset I was quickly disappointed with how the show is actually produced.

My thoughts from the advert were that the program would consist of a guy coming into this household (as explained) and live there for a while for perhaps a month. And the episodes will sum up each week to  viewers the amusing and subtle practical jokes being played on to the victim.

However, this was not the case. The show is based on a guy coming into the household and given just 5 hours to survive. If he does, then himself and girlfriend win a holiday. I don't think the idea of turning the program into a game show works all that well.
The comical task being pounced on him are really extravagant and makes me wonder how thick the 'contestant' must be to carry out these tasks whilst his girlfriend looks on with a straight face and clear not fit in what so ever with her fake family of actors.

Basically I think the show is a complete shambles, and would be far more enjoyable watch if it was based around the idea of Big Brother where actors surrounding one chosen person for a longer period of time than just 5 hours. And of the course the comical task were far less extravagant.

But thats just my opinion, take it or leave it.

M x

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Bob Burwell said...

Well, I was a bit suspicious of Meet the Parents from the first episode. At the start we were told that Rich has been with Carla for 8 months. So is this is the first time he's met or known of her parents??? Never seen a photo of any of them? Not known their occupations? I thought Rich might be an actor too and so we are all being fooled! Other episodes have been similar. Another explanation could be that the producers are
exaggerating the time the couples have beeen together. It would make more sense if they had only known each other a short time.
I'd be interested to know your opinion.