Monday, 12 July 2010


I have been a customer with Santander practically all my life, and for the majority of this time I've had no problems with the bank. Up until now. 

From starting my second year at university I applied for an overdraft which was accepted, and helped me out greatly during my summer break when I was working for free on work placements. I of course dipped into the overdraft heavily in order to survive and pay for rent. 

Now times are even more harder this summer break, so I went ahead and applied to get my overdraft extended in order to pay rent. Unfortunately the overdraft was declined, and now for some reason my whole overdraft has been cancelled, leaving me overdrawn by a considerable amount. 

The is very infuriating as I can't be dealing with this sort of hassle right now. I went into to my local branch to find out my overdraft had been taken off by the staff simply saying "You don't have an overdraft" which of course my response was "er, yes I do, i've had one for over a year now...!"
She carried on telling me I don't have one. However she was kind enough to help me out and appeal for my declined extension. 

After going home and phoning up Santander, and getting transfered which seemed like all over the car department. With some people claiming they can't deal with my request even though I was transfered to this person from someone else claiming they would be able to help. 
I was eventually given the final conclusion that they believed I was not a student no more.

I am now patiently waiting for the bank to sort out this mess and get my overdraft back. I imagine I will be charged for being overdrawn, however I hope I can appeal for this as well, and not have to be charged. As I'm sure thats not right to simply delete my overdraft leaving me ridiculously overdrawn!

I think after this is settled I shall look into a different bank,
Any suggestions?

M x 

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