Monday, 5 July 2010

Employment feels great!

A few weeks ago after great deal of searching I finally snapped myself a job with the company Picture-Pal. My duty is a photographer (which is great for my interest) and I work in the club, Oceana in Kingston Upon Thames. The role is simple; I make my way around the club for a few hours, ask to take photographs of people, take a great photo of them and ask if they would like to purchase the photograph to take home with them at the end of the night.

The job is great fun, and I have found it very easy to fit in and build my confidence to ask practically every person I walk past if they would like a photograph. I would say around 80% of the time people agree and have their photo taken.

I have been to this club many times as it is a only a quick bus ride from my house in Twickenham. Of course everytime I've been to this club I've been nice and drunk .

Therefore having to work in this club instead and be sober each time every week gives me a new experience inside. Firstly being sober gives me the great opportunity to watch what people get up to in the club, for instance; Its good fun to see the guys (or sometimes girls) trying their hardest to give it their best moves on the dance-floor.
Then there's the strange sites when you see some odd couples who can't help but just think 'How on earth are they together?'. For example the couples where the man is extremely tall, and the girl is the complete opposite and tiny, it just looks so odd. Along with the odd looking couples you of course get the couples who are having a bad night and they are having an argument in the corner, or you see the boyfriend trying to comfort his girlfriend which ends up getting nowhere. Its gratefully entertaining to witness when I'm having a little break from taking photographs.  
The best site in the club though is the regulars, I've already clocked a few people who go to this club every single Saturday. I've yet to find them in the club wearing an outfit I recognise from a previous night, I look to this night so I can tell them. 'Hey! You do know you wore that outfit last week...!' 

At the moment I'm only working 1 day a week, therefore the money isn't helping me out too well. However on Wednesday 7th July I have an interview for Superdry. I have my fingers crossed this will go well, as I will then have shifts at this retail store during the week, giving a nice contribution at the end of each month. 

I shall let you know how that interview turns out. 

M x 

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Anonymous said...

Please update this blog, ive just quit after 3 nights of work. I could have made good money but thier equipment and set ups are awfull as well as a risk to health and safety. They expect and rely on the photograpghers to payout and upkeep the equipment but your sharing it with lots of others. Therefore you cant realy. They also post equipment to your house so you have to be home, and they send random emails in txt speak?? not at all proffesional. Also any company that wants to take your money before you have earn't it you must be ware of. I stopped at 3 nights so they werent able to gain to much from me. Working areas If you are prepared to sit on the floor making keyrings with no lights and very little chance of a goodnights work due to equipment failure then have a go. I left after 3 nights( because i have the ability to know a dead duck in the water when i see one) but I have totaly enjoyed "working with a camera experience". So much so i now know what i want to do in the future....thank you picture Pal looks like we both got shafted but both gained.