Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Credit, credit, credit!

In my last post I spoke about how my overdraft had been canceled, meaning my account was ridiculous overdrawn meaning I could not spend a penny.
I can now happily say my account is now sorted. My overdraft is back, the account is restored to how it was, and I can now start spending again (wisely of course)

The procedure was remarkably easily to achieve, I simply walked into my back waited (which seemed like a century). Eventually got seated with the lady who appealed for the over draft the week before. She said it was now accepted and simply clicked a few buttons, and as if by magic, the overdraft was back on my account.

Now, I am very pleased its back on, but did the process really require me to go into the bank myself? I believe this process could have easily been done over the phone...I guess it will put the employees in the bank out of work if it was all done on the phone.

Whilst I was there, I made a big step in my life and applied and was accepted for a credit card. I know, its a dangerous thing to have. However, I believe my money handling is in good order and I can control myself to not use the credit card on stupid purchases. Its only there for emergences.
For now I will be using the card to pay for my rent over the next two months. The credit will easily be paid off once I start university again In September as my student loans will be going back into my bank, so that money will easily help pay off the credit.

I'm looking forward to having the loans back again, it always puts me at rest. Because I'm forever worrying about my money, making sure I always have enough to keep me going.

M x

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