Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Jumping the gun!

A few months back, I finally upgraded my contract with Orange to the iPhone 3GS. I was more than happy to finally get my hands on the product, and I have loved it ever since.
Upon purchasing the phone I knew the rumors about the new iPhone 4.. or some people back then were calling it the iPhone 4G... but I thought nothing of it!
Now last night the iPhone 4 was finally announced, even though we knew all about it a month or so earlier after that employee left if in a pub/bar (we all know the story)

At first I still thought the phone was not that much of a jump from my 3GS. However after giving the phone a more detail look, I am starting to regret not waiting for this one to be released giving myself the option to chose whether to pay the extra money or stick with the 3GS.

The things that most impressed me was the well needed improvement to the camera now being able to produce 5 mega pixel images and with a flash which has been needed since the first phone back in June 2007.
Then another feature which convinced me further was the capability of filming HD video (well 720p or something, which is still fantastic for a mobile!). This will be perfect for capturing these moments, or beneficial to the new wave of Vlogging which is happening where YouTubers are simply uploading their content straight from their iPhones.

The video calling, or 'Facetime' did not bother me too much. however after realising how many other phones on the market have this "gimmick"this of course is the way we are heading towards in the future. However only being able to use the video calling through Wifi is bit of a set back in my eyes.

To sum up after looking into detail what the iPhone 4 has to offer is outstanding, I still believe the 3GS perfect for a smart phone. As it still has an outstanding display for text and images, but of course once I witness the iPhones 4's display I will of course be convinced to get my hands on the iPhone 4 as I am one of the many people who are the 'purchase anything made by Apple kinda guy'

Therefore I am now looking around to see how much I can sell my 3GS for and see whether an upgrade is available, I am sure this will not be possible as I had the same problem after purchasing the new Macbook 13" last year, which then got discontinued and turned into Macbook Pro 13" base model, trying to upgrade was not possible which has ever since pissed me off.

I'm just hoping I can simply purchase the iPhone 4 handset on its own, after selling my iPhone 3GS.

Let me know what you think, are you going to be first in line to purchase the new phone!?

M x

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