Wednesday, 16 June 2010

iNQ Chat 3G [REVIEW]

During my time at the Isle Of Wight Festival I was asked from 3Mobilebuzz to take along the iNQ Chat 3G on Three to give the mobile a real test run of its functionality. Throughout the whole weekend the phone held up extremely well and managed to do exactly what I wanted it for, however there was of course some high and low points.

As a typical guy I tend to not read instructions and simply dive in at the deep in with new products and work them out myself from the ground up. Due to my learning capabilities of new technology fast and efficiently, there was no change with this phone.

As soon as I took the phone out the box and switched it on, I quickly understood the functions the phone had to offer. Straight off I was impressed with the full keyboard on the phone, however it took me a while to realise you can use a key on the phone to use symbols, due to this key not be clear in its function. Maybe if it had the same icon as a shift key on a regular keyboard. However this icon is already used as the Caps Lock. Once I understood where this shift key was, I was away typing out text messages and Tweeting, quick and efficiently as if using a typical PC keyboard.

The signal on this phone was excellent I never seemed to loose signal throughout my time at the festival, which I did found surprising due to us being a wide open field practically in the middle of no where. On top of this I never had problem finding 3G with the device, it always seem to pick up the signal to access Twitter and Facebook.

However there was a downside, even when I did have good signal and 3G I found the phone seemed to function rather slow during certain tasks, for instance refreshing Twitter or Facebook, and posting comments etc. Further still the most surprising was the simple task of typing out a text message I found the mobile seemed to have a lot of lag when typing fast on the efficient keyboard. I would type out my message and wait which seemed like forever for the text to catch up on the screen with my typing.

Looking aside from this the mobile is great, and functions well (when the device decides to not function slowly). The design of the phone impressed me a lot, with the deep red cover on the back and the red keys, it gives off a nice modern design and feel to the phone. One extra function in particular impressed me was having status updates from Facebook show up on my home screen, It was a good idea to quickly catch up with your Facebook friends from simply unlocking the phone. However I thought this was the culprit for slowing down the phone.

I would give the phone 4/5, It works perfectly, however I do like a phone to respond quickly and efficiently. This may just be my opinion, mobiles should really work well with the user and respond efficiently giving a good experience every time.

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