Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Have you seen Gary?

In 2008 I was luckily enough to snap up a ticket to attend the Reading Festival, this was my first festival and it was such a good experience throughout the whole weekend, making me want to go again the following year. However due to money problems (typical student) this was not the case, resulting in me watching the highlights on TV with a depressed look on my face. Therefore this year I was determined to attend a festival, and after some hunting around, the decision was to grab tickets to the Isle Of Wight festival, with a few friends from university. This decision was spot on resulting in another enjoyable time at a festival.

Albeit there was less bands playing on the line up compared to Reading Festival, meaning there was less bands I really wanted to see. Looking past this I still had a great time due to the general festival atmosphere.  Just the same as Reading there was a lot of people who make festivals that extra bit of a 'different' experience.

For instance, around the campsites there are always a lot of expected drinking, fun and games happening. Added to this you get lines/quotes which just happen out of no where. For instance this year, if anyone shouted out the name "GARY" everyone around you and further afield would repeat you and also shout "GARY" eventually if it worked well enough the whole campsite would be shouting the name for about 10 - 20 seconds. The inside joke being we were all looking for the same man. I found this great every time it happened, even though it kept happening it never got boring. The joke went so far that you would walk past people and ask whether they have found Gary.

I wont go into how good the band performances were, because I'm sure you have seen some highlights on the not even half decent broadcasters that is ITV2. However I will say my highlight to the weekend was Jay Z's performance. Personally I thought his show was outstanding, you could tell anyone there at the time would appreciated the show, even if they didn't follow the music. I knew he would put a show for the crowd, the outcome happened to be far higher than my expectations.

The festival as a whole was fantastic, and I think it couldn't be compared to my experience to Reading Festival due to there being a different crowd. Generally there seemed to be more families and older people, resulting in a more relaxed atmosphere. Of course you still found the youngster off his head on cider around 12pm.

I would give the festival 8/10 and advise anyone who wants to go to a festival and has never been to one to certainly give Isle Of Wight festival a consideration. However be prepared to spend a long time leaving the Island on the Monday (if you choose to leave this day) the large crowds leaving all at once to get on the ferries takes up a lot of time.

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