Friday, 18 June 2010

All this time and nothing to do with it!

Last night I attended a meet up at STA Travel over in Victoria, which consisted a selection of travels brought together by the team over at STATravelBuzz, the evening was known as the #STAMasterclass, and focused on traveling around South America. 

I have never given traveling a real thought, however I have now finished my second year at university meaning I have a lot of time off before I start my final year in September. 
After chatting to a few interesting people which resulting in proving the phrase "its a small world" does exist. I realised this time I have a  lot of free time that needs to be used up wisely and I should grab to this  opportunity given to me and explore some places. 

In particular I've always wanted to explore around American, simply because I love the country and would easily move over to live there after graduating. In particular I want to go back to the city that never sleeps.. AKA New York. 

I have been pointed in the direction to the site Couch Surfing due to me having a next to nothing budget due to being the typical student. 

So in the next few weeks I shall look into this site properly to see if there any genuine opportunities for me out there in New York. Perhaps I may stay out there for only a month or so. Which will be fine, as this would be the perfect quick and easy getaway for me. I would go out there to engage in some culture, take some photographs, or even make some good friends as I would again love to live in New York some day for a year or so. 

Let me know if you have any plans for the summer. Any exciting plans for traveling, or looking into a small getaway like myself?

M x 

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