Tuesday, 15 June 2010

[9 - 11] Are blackness and whiteness useful concepts in the study of popular music?

The concepts of blackness and whiteness in popular music is useful, as these concepts allow a starting point for theorists and other people when identifying of where music into categories. However when looking deeper into the categories of music, it is actually linked to class and location, not simply dividing between black and white artists.
On top of this the line of blackness and whiteness in music can be blurred with white and black artists covering each others music. “Pop music has always depended upon the interaction between white and black traditions” (Hatch 1987)
The issues of studying popular music are made easier when categorising music into blackness and whiteness. However you can argue this categorising could maybe classed link to stereotyping music. Consumers aren’t always the same race as the music performers. Concepts are put in place as guidelines to help address underlying issues within types of music.

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