Tuesday, 15 June 2010

[7 - 11] Does the emergence of the digital download signal the end for the music industry?

In February 2010 since the iTunes music store first launch in 2003 10 billion downloads had been bought. This gives the impression digital download market is not the end of the music industry. Music industry must take notice of the digital download, as a majority of music devices like iPod’s are entirely digital.

Digital downloads are simply more convenient to the consumer, uploading the tracks straight to their MP3 players. Giving them large amount of tracks on the go.
January 2009 saw record labels agree with iTunes to remove DRM. Making downloading appealing to consumers, now being able to download a track and not have the restrictions they once had.

iTunes provide a better alternative to illegal downloads. Consumers are choosing to pay for the tracks they download. Meaning digital downloads are helping the dying music industry evolve with technology more specifically the internet which is the future for music.

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