Tuesday, 15 June 2010

[6 - 11] What is world music?

In my opinion ‘World Music’ describes a type of music genre which ‘belongs’ to a certain country or its origin of where the music started. For example Ireland with Irish folk music, and further a field to Aboriginal music in Australia. If you were to categorize these genre as a whole you would class them ‘World Music’ and you tend to take these genres of music exclusive to their part of the world.

However the modern day term can be used in a less forgiving way.
Take HMV for example they would include music from all different genres around the world in their store. Therefore there is going to be genres that do not sell as well as other genres from places such as America and England.
HMV decide to place these genres all together in a ‘World Music’ category so they condense and allow more space for popular music.

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