Tuesday, 15 June 2010

[11 - 11] Is the audience for popular music created by the music industry?

When a boy band such as Boyzone enter the music industry and produce a Number 1 single, the industry occasionally sets trends by bringing out similar boy bands, Westlife. Theodor Adorno suggests that recordings generally sound the same. Which I personally disagree with, however you can argue Boyzone and Westlife do sound similar.
As a consumer your in control through choosing singles you buy with preference, the music industry cannot force people to listen to certain music. On the other hand the music industry can over publicise through playing a chosen song on TV or Radio regularly.
Technology is developing and consumers now have more control over the music industry. When an album is successful from artists the record companies attempt to sell something similar to the previous album, while the consumer expects something different. They can go and search for what they want, which can sometimes lead to illegal downloading.

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