Saturday, 1 May 2010

Such Tweet Sorrow

Recently I have been a little slap dash with my blog, due to my large work load hitting me at university. Which shall all be completely on the 5th May, can't wait for that day of course.

I thought I would use this post to inform you of a great project I have recently been informed of happening on Twitter.

The project is Such Tweet Sorrow which is being sponsored by 3 Mobile. The projects involves a selection of actors from the Shakespeare's Globe Company to Tweet out a modern version of the fantastic story of Romeo Juliet.

Everyday new tweets are added to the story which you can follow through with the hashtags of #suchtweetsorrow, If your feeling up for it you can also add to the story. For instance start rumors between the characters.

The project is going to last for 5 weeks, and so far its been a big hit. I've heard this is the first time this has ever happened on Twitter, so would be great to of course get involved, with maybe adding your own spin to the story.

If you want to follow up what has happened to the story far you can do so through visiting

As well as this you can find a TV screen outside the Shakespeares Head in Canarby Street. This is a live feed of the Tweets, so you can walk by and watch the story unfold in real time. Genius!

I suggest you check out this original project.

M x

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