Saturday, 22 May 2010

The Future

Today I had an extremely long day working at Twickenham Stadium, In total I have worked 12hrs, and I will be doing the exact same tomorrow, all because I am desperate for money! During my long day of working there, my mind (as always) wondered and got me thinking about the future and other things.

I have recently finished my 2nd year of university with a great sense of relief, along with the sense of wanting to just graduate and earn myself a living with a respectable career. To be frank, I'm slowly getting fed up on completing essays. During this mind wondering, I was standing thinking how mad it is for me to work there. It really is not a type of job I am looking for (even if the pay is good). I of course don't plan to work there for the rest of my life. However there are people who have indeed worked there for many years, so I am praying this wont happen.

During this mental thinking came around, I was in the players tunnel seeing the rugby players run around. When I look over and see a guy walk out of the massage room. I recognised this guy, not personally just from around my university. From my own conclusion I thought he must have graduated recently and this is his first 'real' job. At this point the light bulb went off and I realised it is worth it to be doing my degree, and I will now work my but off during my 3rd year to give me the grade I deserve to get myself my dream job... and I can't wait!

Heres to the future!

M x

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