Sunday, 30 May 2010

[3 - 11] Is it reasonable to consider that rock music is gendered male?

Rock music you listen to is dominated with males. However on the rare occasions you hear a band which includes a female. All these occasions the female included is the the lead singer, or other cases backing singers. When you hear a band consisting of females playing the instruments you tend to take it on board as a novelty or gimmick.

This is due to a number of reasons; Instruments tend to be associated with genders. For instance the guitar associated with males, and a flute or piano associated with females. This happens because its the way we are brought up into society.

“lead guitarists are made, not born. The reason for women’s absence are entirely social” (Bayton, 1997)

Females are simply not brought up to be playing the electric guitar, whereas males are. If females pick up the guitar they’re known as “One of the Boys” and not taking seriously.

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