Thursday, 20 May 2010

[2 - 11] Can popular music ever really be unplugged?

The term “unplugged” literally means to disconnect from all source of electricity. In able for an artist to produce unplugged music they would have play the instruments without the aid of amplifiers and sing without the use of a microphone. Which is difficult for popular music of the 21st century,
'without electronic technology, popular music in the 21st century is unthinkable' (P. Theberge)

If the artist were to perform with the correct procedures to class the music as unplugged, the performance would have to be only for a small audience in order to make the audience hear the music.

Having this music heard by such a small group of people means this is not technically “popular music”. In order for the artist to become popular they would need the aid of technology, ie. Recording the song, to reach wider a audience. Which of course does not make the performance unplugged.

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