Wednesday, 21 April 2010

INQ Mini - Review

For the past week or so have been asked to use the new INQ Mini from 3 Mobile. To say the least I have been impressed and unimpressed with the phone.

The phone is small and lightweight which is always good for mobile phones for obvious reasons. However when it comes down to the function and the apps on the phones its lacks and brings down the phones over all outcome.

Facebook, Twitter, Skype and Msn Messenger are already installed into the small with their own app. However this apps are rather basic.
Facebook has the typical view of status updates, however the text format is not quite right in my opinion. Peoples names are in the same font style as the statuses. Therefore its hard to distinguish between the names and the actual statuses. Perhaps having names in bold would improve it. Maybe this is just me being picky.

The twitter app is again rather basic, although there is a good display of the peoples status updates and you get to see the photo of the person, where the facebook app doesn't include. However the app is let down when you can't look at your @ replies or look at your Direct Messages. Perhaps I didn't look properly but I couldn't find this function.

I only used these two apps on the phone as these are the apps on my personal phone I use most frequently, and to be honest I was not impressed with the both of them.

On the side of the phone there is a scroll function where you can scroll through your apps, which works well. You can use the scroll whilst in the apps to change between the tools and apps you looking for, which I thought was quite useful.
The actual menu screen itself is quite impressive, as they use some eye catching pictures for each menu icon which I thought was reassembly impressive. The style of the menu screen is also in key with the phone itself as the eye catching red just looks great on the back of the phone.

The overall outcome was rather a low note for me, I thought the phone was a bit slow with response even from the simplest task of going through the menu.

I think the phone is perhaps note aimed for my market as I prefer to have a phone with a big screen and fast performance for reading e-mails, using the internet on the go. Which works all perfectly well on my iPhone.
I think this phone is aimed at the younger teenage market, which I think this phone would be perfect for as its compact and lightweight therefore perfect for teenagers to catch up on the their friends when they are out and about.

I would give the phone 3/5
If the performance and the apps improved then I would think the phone would easily be a 5/5, being perfect for the teenage market.


MH Media Online said...

I've had this phone on PAYG for a while now and overall I like it. My main reason for buying it was as a tethered phone for my Samsung Netbook which is used for sending camera images back to web sites as part of my freelance photographer role. In that respect it works extremely well and at £39 I'm not going to be too upset if it breaks or gets lost! I'm also actually very impressed with the camera which can produce some very good quality images, so again, I use it to update my blog. It handles my email very well too, and this is a big plus point.

On the whole, the niggles are minor: I really wish I could delete preset switcher items that I don't, and will never use. The jingles at power on/off are extremely annoying - can they be optional please? The switching between predictive and ordinary TXT modes seems clunky. I'm not sure if the inability to work in Australia is a PAYG thing: certainly my 3uk SIM refused to register with a variety of networks over there and I didn't want to get it unlocked for fear of breaking it for the UK.

I'd also give it 3/5: I don't see it replacing my "main" phone, a Blackberry, but an everyday, workhorse device it's fine.

MatthewHoare said...

Yes I agree I was quite impressed with the efficiency of the 3G on this such small phone, you would think it would be OK but thought it worked just as well as my iPhone.

I don't think I could handle reading e-mails on such a small screen.

The jingles animation were quite impressive, but I would be the same annoyed with the option of not being able to turn them off.

And again I'm the same It would never replace my iPhone.

Kevin said...

lol this phone costs £39 unlike the blackberry & iphone that cost a small fortune,it's unfair to compare them against the inq mini.the inq mini is a fantastic phone for the price