Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Easter Weekend - Jersey Boys

This Easter Weekend was a packed one for me. For Christmas I bought 2 tickets to go see the musical Jersey Boys, one for myself and my mum.

I arrived back to my house with my mum in Twickenham on the Saturday (I had stayed at my mums back in Fareham a few days when the Easter Break started) Our plan was to spend the night at mine, then go off into London the next day (Sunday) spend some time around the shops, then make our way over to see Jersey Boys to see the Matinee performance.

However we of course didn't take into account it was Easter Sunday, therefore practically all the shops were shut. I have never seen Oxford Street so quiet before, it was quite surreal. Everyone seemed to be quite baffled with the experience as well, people were seeing the shops were shut from a distance. But still went ahead and walked up to the shop to pear into the shop windows just to make they were close. It was if they could not believe the whole situation! "The staff have a day off today???"

We made sure this didn't ruin our day as we found some shops that were still open and spent sometime looking around then. This also meant we were able to take our time at arriving to the theatre, as we had all this time on our hands so we didn't have to rush. Perfect!

We arrive at the theatre around 2:30 (show started at 3pm), by this time my mum was starting to get real excited! We walk into the venue, I grab my tickets off the lady, after a little confusing with someone having the same surname as me (this rarely happens) We find our seats and sit down, show time!

The whole 2 hour or so performance was jam packed with hits from the group the Four Seasons, and they performances was unreal, the guy playing the singer Frankie Valli was spot on. His singing just sounded perfect, it was as if we had gone back in time to the 60s to when this group was big.
A part of the show which caught my attention was when the act was the group achieving their first live TV performance. They had the band performing on stage along with some 60s style cameras surrounding them and "filming" them. Above the stage were large TV screens projector the image that was being recorded on the cameras on the actual stage. Of course these cameras were in black and white, and with all the costumes being spot on along with the hair, it all seemed so real. The group acting as the Four Seasons came across as the actual band. I thought this idea was very effective.
I was also impressed as the singers were also playing their instruments, and running around the stage not missing a note and staying in time. This really did show off the talent this show had to offer, and made you realise why the show is so popular and how the theatre was near to sold out!
After the show I was just blown away by the whole performance, I took note at how talented these guys were and I thought they must go home everyday being so proud of what career they are undergoing.

I hope one day I shall have the same feeling when I go home from the career I set myself after I finish university.
To be honest I can't wait till that feeling happens.

M x

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