Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Comedy Store, London

During the weekend, I was luckily enough to witness my first experience of stand up comedy at one of England's comedy clubs. The Comedy Store in Leicester Square, London.

The night was to celebrate my cousin turning 18 a few days before hand.

We arrive at the venue nice and early so we could get front row seats. I was not up for getting taking the piss out of from a comedian however to not spoiling the fun, I went ahead and sat there with my cousin, auntie uncle and a friend of there's.

Of course we get a round of drinks in from the bar, which came to a surprise of how cheap the drinks were! (I suppose they wanted people drunk, to get the laughters from the crowd) I receive my drink, and work my way through the pint as I was quite hungover from the night before seeing Foals live at my local club.
During this time the crowd start to thicken out, and to what seemed like quite a small venue began to have a real buzz to it, as the sold out night was close to starting after every had taken their seats with a pint in hand.

The comedians come onto the stage, and throughout the whole 2 hours or so of them performing I was laughing none stop. We laughed through flawless sets from; a real cockney Londoner, a Canadian, someone who turned up on the night from Brighton to show 10mins of his talent get more gigs, a man from Yorkshire, and to finish another Londoner.

Each comedian had their own certain style of humor each pulling out their jokes perfectly, in particular I was laughing most with the first Londoner. I loved his way of delivery and timing. He had the don't care, ignorant to everyone else attitude, with added sarcasm. Which I just love as humor, specially when the comedian comes across as a real asshole, and sarcasm always makes me laugh. To top it off the London accent just made things sound funnier.

The Canadian seemed to just shout, and tried to add in some political issues in. His set kinda of worked, but you could tell the crowd weren't lapping it up as much with the previous performance of the Londoner.

The guy who turned up from Brighton was very funny, and had everyone laughing continuously throughout his 10 minute set. I imagine this was meant to happen as his chose his best parts from his set to cram into the 10 minutes to get the most of the short set. Of course after the Compare announced why he had turned up on the night, the audience gave him a big cheer and a well deserved round of applause as he left the stage.

The Yorkshiremen then appeared with some wacky hair do which reminded me of Sideshow Bob from The Simpsons. This comedian was a good laugh, as he would make jokes out of himself. Making it fine for people to laugh at him. He also incorporated jokes about family, which I always find funny as these jokes are always true home stories.
They are always true to the comedian and perhaps relate to audience members. These jokes seem to always come across more funnier. As the audience understand where the comedian is coming from.

The final comedian which was again a Londoner came on to the stage, and as soon as he delivered his first joke, the audience were in uproar with laughter and enjoying every minute of his set. Like the Yorkshiremen he made jokes about himself, which went down a treat with the audience. And not like the other comedians he made the effort and took the piss out of some of the audience members this of course worked well and got the audience including myself laughing even more. As the comedian was now thinking on his feat and coming up with comedy there and then, showing off his talent to the max.

The last comedian left the stage with of course a large applause, and I generally wanted more. The 2 hours or so, were a lot of fun and I would certainly go again
I would persuade anyone to go, if they want to enjoy something different on a night out.

M x

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