Wednesday, 21 April 2010

INQ Mini - Review

For the past week or so have been asked to use the new INQ Mini from 3 Mobile. To say the least I have been impressed and unimpressed with the phone.

The phone is small and lightweight which is always good for mobile phones for obvious reasons. However when it comes down to the function and the apps on the phones its lacks and brings down the phones over all outcome.

Facebook, Twitter, Skype and Msn Messenger are already installed into the small with their own app. However this apps are rather basic.
Facebook has the typical view of status updates, however the text format is not quite right in my opinion. Peoples names are in the same font style as the statuses. Therefore its hard to distinguish between the names and the actual statuses. Perhaps having names in bold would improve it. Maybe this is just me being picky.

The twitter app is again rather basic, although there is a good display of the peoples status updates and you get to see the photo of the person, where the facebook app doesn't include. However the app is let down when you can't look at your @ replies or look at your Direct Messages. Perhaps I didn't look properly but I couldn't find this function.

I only used these two apps on the phone as these are the apps on my personal phone I use most frequently, and to be honest I was not impressed with the both of them.

On the side of the phone there is a scroll function where you can scroll through your apps, which works well. You can use the scroll whilst in the apps to change between the tools and apps you looking for, which I thought was quite useful.
The actual menu screen itself is quite impressive, as they use some eye catching pictures for each menu icon which I thought was reassembly impressive. The style of the menu screen is also in key with the phone itself as the eye catching red just looks great on the back of the phone.

The overall outcome was rather a low note for me, I thought the phone was a bit slow with response even from the simplest task of going through the menu.

I think the phone is perhaps note aimed for my market as I prefer to have a phone with a big screen and fast performance for reading e-mails, using the internet on the go. Which works all perfectly well on my iPhone.
I think this phone is aimed at the younger teenage market, which I think this phone would be perfect for as its compact and lightweight therefore perfect for teenagers to catch up on the their friends when they are out and about.

I would give the phone 3/5
If the performance and the apps improved then I would think the phone would easily be a 5/5, being perfect for the teenage market.

Monday, 19 April 2010

Windows 7 TuneUp Suite

Windows 7 TuneUp suite is your all-purpose tool for better PC maintenance and security. Plus, it protects your computer from system crashes, repairs and maintains your PC health, removes unneeded Internet clutter, regains valuable disk space, cleans your registry and tweak windows to perform better.

Main Features:

* Support Windows XP/Vista/7
* Eliminates system crashes, freezes and slowdowns
* Automatically identifies and repairs common Windows problems
* Eliminate BSOD (Blue Screen of Death)
* Speeds up boot up time
* Repairs defects by building a fresh registry
* Compacts registry by removing gaps and unused space
* Removes fragmentation with a linear and sequential registry
* Improves system performance due to faster registry load/read
* Finds and deletes duplicate files of any type
* Saves space on your hard drive
* Extends internal system uninstaller with features to find and delete left traces (e,g registry keys, folders etc.)
* Improves your Windows PC's overall performance and stability
* Question based services and drivers tune up
* Automatically tweaks system services and drivers for better performance
* Recovers CPU & Memory usage taken by unneeded services and drivers
* Full control of the programs that are loaded during Windows startup
* Add/remove/edit startup items
* Task scheduler configurator
* Cleans Browser History
* Cleans history index.dat file content in Internet Explorer.

Click here for more information about product.

Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Comedy Store, London

During the weekend, I was luckily enough to witness my first experience of stand up comedy at one of England's comedy clubs. The Comedy Store in Leicester Square, London.

The night was to celebrate my cousin turning 18 a few days before hand.

We arrive at the venue nice and early so we could get front row seats. I was not up for getting taking the piss out of from a comedian however to not spoiling the fun, I went ahead and sat there with my cousin, auntie uncle and a friend of there's.

Of course we get a round of drinks in from the bar, which came to a surprise of how cheap the drinks were! (I suppose they wanted people drunk, to get the laughters from the crowd) I receive my drink, and work my way through the pint as I was quite hungover from the night before seeing Foals live at my local club.
During this time the crowd start to thicken out, and to what seemed like quite a small venue began to have a real buzz to it, as the sold out night was close to starting after every had taken their seats with a pint in hand.

The comedians come onto the stage, and throughout the whole 2 hours or so of them performing I was laughing none stop. We laughed through flawless sets from; a real cockney Londoner, a Canadian, someone who turned up on the night from Brighton to show 10mins of his talent get more gigs, a man from Yorkshire, and to finish another Londoner.

Each comedian had their own certain style of humor each pulling out their jokes perfectly, in particular I was laughing most with the first Londoner. I loved his way of delivery and timing. He had the don't care, ignorant to everyone else attitude, with added sarcasm. Which I just love as humor, specially when the comedian comes across as a real asshole, and sarcasm always makes me laugh. To top it off the London accent just made things sound funnier.

The Canadian seemed to just shout, and tried to add in some political issues in. His set kinda of worked, but you could tell the crowd weren't lapping it up as much with the previous performance of the Londoner.

The guy who turned up from Brighton was very funny, and had everyone laughing continuously throughout his 10 minute set. I imagine this was meant to happen as his chose his best parts from his set to cram into the 10 minutes to get the most of the short set. Of course after the Compare announced why he had turned up on the night, the audience gave him a big cheer and a well deserved round of applause as he left the stage.

The Yorkshiremen then appeared with some wacky hair do which reminded me of Sideshow Bob from The Simpsons. This comedian was a good laugh, as he would make jokes out of himself. Making it fine for people to laugh at him. He also incorporated jokes about family, which I always find funny as these jokes are always true home stories.
They are always true to the comedian and perhaps relate to audience members. These jokes seem to always come across more funnier. As the audience understand where the comedian is coming from.

The final comedian which was again a Londoner came on to the stage, and as soon as he delivered his first joke, the audience were in uproar with laughter and enjoying every minute of his set. Like the Yorkshiremen he made jokes about himself, which went down a treat with the audience. And not like the other comedians he made the effort and took the piss out of some of the audience members this of course worked well and got the audience including myself laughing even more. As the comedian was now thinking on his feat and coming up with comedy there and then, showing off his talent to the max.

The last comedian left the stage with of course a large applause, and I generally wanted more. The 2 hours or so, were a lot of fun and I would certainly go again
I would persuade anyone to go, if they want to enjoy something different on a night out.

M x

Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Easter Weekend - Jersey Boys

This Easter Weekend was a packed one for me. For Christmas I bought 2 tickets to go see the musical Jersey Boys, one for myself and my mum.

I arrived back to my house with my mum in Twickenham on the Saturday (I had stayed at my mums back in Fareham a few days when the Easter Break started) Our plan was to spend the night at mine, then go off into London the next day (Sunday) spend some time around the shops, then make our way over to see Jersey Boys to see the Matinee performance.

However we of course didn't take into account it was Easter Sunday, therefore practically all the shops were shut. I have never seen Oxford Street so quiet before, it was quite surreal. Everyone seemed to be quite baffled with the experience as well, people were seeing the shops were shut from a distance. But still went ahead and walked up to the shop to pear into the shop windows just to make they were close. It was if they could not believe the whole situation! "The staff have a day off today???"

We made sure this didn't ruin our day as we found some shops that were still open and spent sometime looking around then. This also meant we were able to take our time at arriving to the theatre, as we had all this time on our hands so we didn't have to rush. Perfect!

We arrive at the theatre around 2:30 (show started at 3pm), by this time my mum was starting to get real excited! We walk into the venue, I grab my tickets off the lady, after a little confusing with someone having the same surname as me (this rarely happens) We find our seats and sit down, show time!

The whole 2 hour or so performance was jam packed with hits from the group the Four Seasons, and they performances was unreal, the guy playing the singer Frankie Valli was spot on. His singing just sounded perfect, it was as if we had gone back in time to the 60s to when this group was big.
A part of the show which caught my attention was when the act was the group achieving their first live TV performance. They had the band performing on stage along with some 60s style cameras surrounding them and "filming" them. Above the stage were large TV screens projector the image that was being recorded on the cameras on the actual stage. Of course these cameras were in black and white, and with all the costumes being spot on along with the hair, it all seemed so real. The group acting as the Four Seasons came across as the actual band. I thought this idea was very effective.
I was also impressed as the singers were also playing their instruments, and running around the stage not missing a note and staying in time. This really did show off the talent this show had to offer, and made you realise why the show is so popular and how the theatre was near to sold out!
After the show I was just blown away by the whole performance, I took note at how talented these guys were and I thought they must go home everyday being so proud of what career they are undergoing.

I hope one day I shall have the same feeling when I go home from the career I set myself after I finish university.
To be honest I can't wait till that feeling happens.

M x