Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Rag Week!

Every year my university has a week of events in the Student Union to raise money for charity called Rag Week (Raise and Give). To best honest last year was not that great, I guess it could be because I didn't really know much about the event. Resulting me not attending much of the nights.

This year however was a real hit, I was out every night of the week and enjoying every minute of it!

Monday evening was like every other Monday evening at my university, we went to the local club Oceana in Kingston. However this night was slightly different as we went to the Student Union before hand, and got drinks there and a ticket to get on the coach with everyone else to the club at a discount price. This was a lot of fun as I haven't done this since my first year at university. So the memories of the coach journeys came back, and the usual banter on the coach was there, a lot of fun.
However I did manage to get myself rather drunk whilst In in the club, resulting in my friend to take me home! He was drunk himself, so I don't know why he was made to do it! And leaving the club we nearly forgot to pick up our coats from the cloak room (idiots)
Then on the bus back to my house I had just finished my cheesy chips, then straight away throw the whole lot up again into the chip box that was carrying the chips in the first place. My mate tells me the next day he wanted to be sick himself after watching me do that! So as expected the next day with the hangover was eventful!

After my day of recovery Tuesday evening came round. This again was a great night, it was the pub crawl around our town of Twickenham. We had to dress up as super heros, my initial response to this was that I wasn't up for wearing tights and looking an idiot. However one of my housemates had the genius idea of me dressing up as Superman, but not with pants over my trousers, as Clark Kent a simple Superman T-shirt under a unbuttoned white shirt. I thought the outfit looked great, however I wasn't the only one with this genius idea. There was around another 10 guys doing the same thing. Of course I think I looked the best!
The night was a lot of fun, as this was my first pub crawl since I started university. The turn out was great, there was at least 100 people on this pub crawl, and everyone running round the town looking like idiots was a great site to see.

Wednesday evening was very successful evening and not only myself but I am sure other people would agree was the best night of the week. This night was the School Disco. This is of course an easy costume to make up, and gives some girls the excuse to wear the shortest school dresses as possible. The Student Union was rammed, and the dance floor was packed out, making it hard to move around. Everyone was loving every minute of it. And to top it off the music being provided was amazing. It was one of my housemates, who Djs most Fridays in his hometown. His choice of music for the music was spot on, resulting in everyone continuously dancing the night away.
I had never seen our Student Union this packed before, and I was chatting to some 3rd years and they tell me the place used to always be like this on a Wednesday night. The reason for it to change now is due to a new club opening last year called McClusky's which has of course taken customers from our university which is a real shame on a Wednesday night because it takes away the real university spirit of spending a cheap night out with your mates where you should be at your university. Such a shame.

Thursday night to be honest wasn't a huge hit, it was a few bands performing. One of my friends bands performed and due to their guitarist being rather resulted in a quite average performance. The night didn't have anywhere near as much people as previous nights, and I think its due to our University simply not being big enough for a crowd to form to enjoy a band. As the isn't a large crowd enough to enjoy different types of music.

Friday night was a pub quiz, which unfortunately I didn't win with my friends. But was good fun. This was surprisingly quite successful as it was a Friday night, the turn out was good. During the pub quiz there was an interval of some dancers who were okay, but of course far better than what I could do.

To sum up the week was a lot of fun, and I don't think I have been out every night of the week like this before. And doing it in the Student Union made me feel part of the University again like I was in my first year. As now I am in my second year with my own house away from University I do feel a little detached, so I am glad I made the effort to attend each night.

I would just like to say congratulations to the organiser of the week Juliette Baldwin. I think she did a fantastic job!

Thats it for now.

M x

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