Wednesday, 31 March 2010


Last few days I have been witnessing some strange sets of people and I thought I would take this time to share these experiences with you, and perhaps hear your thoughts on them.

I am like most people out there tend to judge someone from first meeting them, and perhaps 50% of the time I get this judgement wrong. I particular I really dislike people being rude, take the other night for instance.

Back at my house at university I live next door to a news-agents, and at times I have craving to eat some crap. It being downstairs is real convenience.
Now on this particular time I approach the shop with another woman who has just parked up outside to enter the shop at the time at me, we look and acknowledge each other (all is fine). We arrive at the front of the shop, to find another lady getting read to leave the shop. The entrance is quite some so we decide to wait and let her leave before us, in a polite manner. She eventually leaves the shop, opens to the door to find us both standing there, and simple lets the door shut behind her and walks on her way regardless of anyone else. The door practically closes in my face.
I get what I wanted and leave the shop thinking how much of a rude this person was, I know its nothing. But little things like that tend to get on my nerves even when I know it shouldn't be.

Another incident happens in a town I haven't been to properly - Bognor Regis.
This is where one of my housemates live, and we come back to here as she is back home for the Easter break and it is close to my hometown, so of course I blag a lift, and spend a few nights at her house. During this time I experience some interesting set of people.
We went out on the first night to Bognor town to probably their only club called Sheiks. Before we go in my housemate warns me the people I will be witnessing in there will be quite a shock, I thought nothing of it and went on in.
Now I am going to be honest, she was not wrong.... I couldn't believe the site I was seeing there. The same day there was a thing called the "Bognor Beer Race" happening therefore a lot of students were dressed up in fancy dress for the pub crawl, which is fair enough. However the people that were left over who were simply residence of Bognor town looked ridiculous. Some people I actually thought were in fancy dress... orange face, white big hair, could easily be pulled off as a cave girl outfit. Of course I was making false judgements, but my housemate reassures me its normal and these people have no clue. I couldn't believe what I was seeing. I tend to see programs on TV about people going out dressing in stupid clothes thinking they're looking good, and I always watch them thinking, "thats stupid... no one would actually go out like that"
In this club I was actually witnessing this and I could no believe it! I hope no one is offended, and perhaps defend themselves if they like in the comments.

My final encounter with people ends on a small thing, but links in with people again being rude.
I was on the train back home from Bognor, during one stop a guy gets on the train and sits next to me (fair enough). Until he pops in some chewing gum into his mouth. The noises coming from his mouth was ridiculous! Every single bite on the gum I could every single, squish, squeak, pop and chew he made in his mouth. I really wanted to turn round and tell him to shut up. Fortunately he got off after a few stops.

So that concludes my unfortunate run ins with a few strange and rude people. I think I will continue to make false judgements, but hey... everyone does it.

Leave some comments on experiences you've had with people.

M x

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