Thursday, 18 February 2010

Youth In Revolt (review)

Its Orange Wednesdays, what else is there to do on that night? Of course watch a film for half the price.
I saw a trailer for this film a while back and was interested in it simply because I do like the successful career in acting Michael Cera is achieving.

The film has a simple cliche storyline of the boy wanting to meet a girl and loose virginity however there is a second boy in the way of the relationship from a girl boy meets.
However in this film I didn't really take much notice of the cliche storyline. I thought the setting for the film was a great one, out in the country side. There a few scenes of American country side which looked fantastic on the big screen. On top of that I think Michael Cera is improving as an actor. Although it is obvious he is being typed casted. I reckon he should try his hand at different roles, rather than the typical geek without a girlfriend.

There was second a role he did play however which was his alter ego of a French guy (I wont spoil it too much)
I thought he played this role really well, his delivery with some comical one liners was spot on. Making myself laugh quite a bit, as well as the cinema audience. Which I was shocked to find was around 1/4 full considering the film has been out for quite some time.

If you enjoyed the other films Michael has been in like Juno with Ellen Page, then you are sure to enjoy this one.

Rating: 7/10

Another film I am looking forward to is Jim Careys new one, about a con artist. I looks very entertaining (plus I just find Jim Carey hilarious)

M x

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