Thursday, 18 February 2010

Valentines Day (Review)

So the other day was of course that eventful time of year when everyone who is in a relationship suddenly makes huge efforts for each other. And people like myself who are single, get all down through reminding themselves how single they really are. Wishing someone would be their valentine, or at least receive valentines day card.

For my valentines evening I spent it with 4 of my other friends who were also single. We took a trip to our local town for a beer and a burger in a pub, then on to the cinema to see "Valentines Day"

Now before we went in I was already skeptical about watching this film. I knew full well it was going to be bad, due it being a horrible idea to make a profitable film from this commercial idea of Valentines Day, taking advantage of peoples misfortune.
However there was some decent parts which did make me laugh. Taylor Swift suddenly appeared in the film which I didn't know about, she played this airhead blonde with a boyfriend who basically sex maniacs. One particular scene involving the couple did make me laugh a bit. Also the great Julia Roberts (who is looking great for her age!) had a small part in the film, which I thought was great as she was in my opinion the only decent actor in the film. Just a shame her role only consisted of around 10%.

To sum up, the film was just a poke in the face of all the single people out there, showing you how easy it can be to fall in love with someone in apparently one day. "Hey its all real in Los Angeles"
I swear the timing didn't add up as one of the characters flew from LA to San Fransisco spent some time other then getting some revenge, then flew back to LA all in one day. Is that possible?
Although after watching the film I would like to live in LA, the constant sun does look perfect for my liking...

If there peole out there who took their partner to the cinema to see this film must of been real lazy. "Its called Valentines Day so obviously we have to see if on valentines day..."
No I think there could of been far more better things to do on the day than watch this film.

Rating: 4/10

M x

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