Tuesday, 2 February 2010

A rethink of regular shenanigans

For the past 3 weeks since I came back to uni from the Christmas break, I have participated in the usual shenanigans of a Monday night out to the local town of Kingston for the student night at Oceana.
To be fair the first night when we came back was great. Everyone was there from my university, so it was a great night to catch up.

Last night we out again to make it a 3rd week in a row. Don't get me wrong the night was a good laugh, I had a lot of fun. However to say the least I've had better mornings, and furthermore I've had a better full day.

The hangover I suffered today has been horrific. I had the usual sick feeling in your stomach which comes and goes until you eventually take a wonder to the toilet to be sick. This moment of sickness was probably the worst I've had from a night out (very violent)

I shall stop with the gory detail...

I now type this blog at the end day after eating a great chinese from down the road which I was surprised I managed to keep down. I am now having second thoughts of this madness of drinking so much and think to myself whether it is all worth it.

Although it is a lot of fun going out with mates and drinking yourselves silly. I think I may cool it down for a few weeks or maybe even a month. The night out really isn't worth suffering the next day trying to get rid of the hangover and practically waste a whole day doing nothing.
I think nights in the pub with a few pints and some mates sounds more of a good night to me now.

I know part of university life is to live a little and graduate as some serious drinkers. But I just don't think I need to this often, plus I will save a good amount of money.
Which is great as one of my downfalls is I constantly worry about money.

(Hopefully one day I shall not have to worry about money have a good career with a good amount of money)

For now I think I should just cool off the drinking a little and see what happens.
Although I'm sure this idea will blow over in a few days and I will be back out in the clubs the following monday.

As some people may say.... FML

M x

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