Sunday, 21 February 2010

NME Awards Tour (review)

Last night I had a great evening at the NME Awards Tour. With the cracking bands The Maccabees, Bombay Bicycle Club, The Big Pink and The Drums.
I bought the tickets for my myself and my brother for christmas (my first nice gesture as a brother) back home before the night I heard my brother was a bit excited for the evening.
Anyway enough about the background for this event, back to the review.

We arrive at Brixton Academy just after 7pm which meant we were missing the opening few tracks of The Drums. Fortunately I wasn't missing the tracks I really knew from their album "Summertime". We get inside and they were finishing off a track kicking onto which I think is their new single "I Felt Stupid".
Then for their second to last song Jonathan Pierce (singer) introduces it by simply saying "this song is about surfing"
Of course at this point the crowd let up in an uproar of exciting as the track "Lets Go Surfing" kicks in. The crowd were going nuts, and the band was loving it.
Jonathan makes the effort and gets closer to the crowd which of course pleases them. The track sounded slightly different from the album, but still sounded good as ever.
Their whole set went really well, their playing was spot on sounding just how it does on the album. I was quite surprised how they did not have a bassist, they just had two guitarist. However without the bassist they were still sounding great!
Although I did have one slight issue, Jonathan's stage presence was a slightly annoying to watch. With his how could I put it... camp hand gestures. But I guess I'm not one to judge.

The Drums leave the stage giving us time to get down my two friends who were unfortunate to get seated tickets.

The Big Pink get on stage and kick off their set with the track "Too Young to Love" this got the crowd at their feet straight away. However I wasn't totally pleased with their set. I thought they're sound was just too loud. The guy on the keys seemed to put across this constant feedback noise throughout each song. Practically making all the songs sound the same.
They of course ended the set with their bit hit "Dominoes"
Which was greatly pleased the crowd, which brought their set to an end with again more feedback deafening my ears. (I sound like such an old man...)

Up next were Bombay Bicycle Club which in my opinion was my highlight to the evening. They opened their set with the track "Emergency Contraception Blues" throughout this short song I knew instantly the set was going to be mind blowing. And boy was I right... each track then on sounded more and more bigger, they're sound filled the venue perfectly, with of course the help of the keys.
As well as this their stage presence was great, you could see they were enjoying their time on the stage. During each hard hitting chorusses of their songs they would go crazy and move around the stage taking advantage of the large area. Which was both enjoyable to watch and listen.
My highlight to the set was my favorite track of theirs "Magnet"
The performance of this track was just spot on, they played the whole track perfectly and Jack Steadman's Vocals were spot on, sounded exactly how he does on the album. A extremely enjoyable set.

The on came the headliners The Maccabees complete with a brass band section. They're set was again like Bombay Bicycle Club Spot on, note for note perfect and vocals again sounding perfect.
With the added brass section gave each song something extra to the live performance. Giving a very enjoyable performance. A few highlights for me were the crowd (including myself) singing back from bottom of their lungs to every chorus irrupting the venue.
In particular the song "Toothpaste Kisses' Resulting in a quite a humorous moment of the crowd whistling to Orlando Weeks during the opening verse (which is included in the album)
As a special treat to end their set the legend Edwyn Collins enters the stage and performs a track with the band. I admit I didn't know who the guy was but, the track was great and I did just about recognise it. After this a lot of people were real pleased with his guest appearance saying "This has made my night" - bless them!

To sum up I had a cracking night, every band were amazing (perhaps forgetting one...) and today I have a slight ring in my ears giving me another sign of a good night! (or a particular bands set)

If you were lucky enough to get a ticket I'm sure you had a great night too!

M x

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