Friday, 15 January 2010

Vampire Weekend @ New Slang, Kingston

Last night I was one of the lucky people to have a ticket to see Vampire Weekend play the Hippodrome in Kingston at the night of New Slang with support from Good Shoes. And boy was it a good night!

The last two weeks I have been getting myself more and more excited about the night, and these last few days I have been playing both of their albums constantly on repeat. Then the night arrived at the excitement risen to a new level. Although I did think at one point "What if they only come on and do a 30 minute set" but I didn't want to think about that too much.

We get to the venue reassembly early so we can get a few drinks in before hand, and have a look round see who's about (of course) then we go and look for a nice spot where we can stand and enjoy the bands. Which was a bloody good spot.

On come Good Shoes and they had themselves a cracking set. I haven't listened to this band much, however I do see the appeal, they have some good songs which got the crowd enjoying themselves. The lead singer kept crowd surfing which was amusing as the New Slang staff kept frantically trying to drag him back out the crowd. The lead guitarist impressed me a lot, I thought his guitar playing effortless to watch. Even when the odd technical riffs being played.

They finished their set, and you could instantly tell the crowd were starting to get real excited of the fact of having Vampire Weekend to appear on the stage next. Unfortunately there was around a 30 minute delay before they come on. But I didn't mind, most headline bands do this, its now the norm in my books. I guess it brings the hype up.
Eventually they hit the stage with a storm, and the crowd erupted. They had a very impressive set. I was literally blown away at how good they were playing. I really did feel that I was simply listening to the CD. They were note perfect and their timing was unbelievably good. They really are a band that has rehearsed a lot for their audience.
At the beginning of each song they played the crowd would jump all together in unison and break into a huge dance off.
My position was a good spot as I was looking directly over the crowd to the band, so I could see which songs lightened up the crowd. Of course when they played their new song "Cousins" the crowd went crazy and danced none stop until the end.
Then they had a little break and a speak to the crowd about some hat that was thrown onto the stage, at which point they broke into "A Punk" and the whole venue went electric. I've never seen such a small venue have a crowd go that nuts over the first bar of a song.
Thats what makes Vampire Weekend so great, all their songs are instantly recognizable. And this was definitely apparent last night.

To sum out, I was literally speechless when they finished their set, and I generally wanted them to play more. However after they left the stage, the DJs hit the decks and I danced constantly until me and my friends left around 2am. A very good night indeed.

M x

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